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My Favourite (cruelty free) Baby Bath Products

My Favourite (cruelty free) Baby Bath Products

Its so easy to buy cruelty free products for your baby, so why wouldn’t you? Many of them are organic, avoid harsh chemicals and use natural fragrances. Making them perfect for newborn sensitive skin.

Gaia Natural Baby  – Hair & Body Wash

I love Gaia. ( ) They have some brilliant Organic products, suitable for those with sensitive skin, are all cruelty-free, and most are vegan.  I’ve used Gaia Natural Baby on my baby since birth, after receiving free samples in my New Mother’s Bounty Bag (One of the few cruelty free / vegan products in there – let’s have some more please, Bounty).

I have continued to use the Hair and Body Wash to date (my daughter is now 15months), because quite simply, its brilliant. I have the large 500ml pump bottle by the side of the sink as a permanent feature, since I use it everyday. It’s so convenient to pump a little bit out onto a flannel  every time I wash my baby’s face/hands.

As a great all-in-one product, it also works fantastically in the bath. Just a few pumps is all you need to fill the bath up with the gorgeous scent of  Lavender and Ylang Ylang.  My daughter always comes out of the bath feeling beautifully soft, and her skin is never dried out. A few friends use Gaia products on their babies with eczema, and rave about how good it is for their skin.

A few times when my daughter has had a mild nappy rash, after a calming and soothing bath using this Body Wash, the rash has really calmed down.

Eco Store Baby Body Wash

I’ve always heard a lot of good feedback regarding Eco store, but never tried them. I recently bought some of their shampoo and conditioner, and found it just amazing, so thought i’d give their Baby Body Wash a try too!

Again, Eco Store products are vegan and cruelty-free which is fantastic. They also place a lot of emphasis on their environmental standards. Product bottles are made from renewable sugarcane plastic and are 100% recyclable. The products are grey-water safe and manufactured to strict environmental standards.

The Body Wash has a beautiful scent of Lavender and Geranium. I use this Body Wash as my preferred product when I want my little girl to have a nice relaxing and soothing bath. Again, like Gaia Hair and Body Wash, the Eco Store Baby Body Wash is mild and gentle, and leaves skin beautifully soft and lightly fragranced.

Organic Care Kids Bubble Bath

I use a lot of Natures Organics ( ) products and love them, so I had no hesitation when I saw this  Kids bubble bath. I bought this for fun, bubbly bathtimes as my baby is getting older and really enjoying playing in the bath. Again, this product is not tested on animals, and no animal ingredients and is CCF accedited. ( ) Grey water safe, it contains no nasty chemicals and uses recycled and recyclable plastic packaging, so again ticks a lot of ethical boxes.

I love it because it fills the bath with bubbles, even after just using a tiny amount. They also last right through the bathing session. The tutti fruity scent is fresh, fun and fruity, and it also leaves the skin smooth and soft.

In Summary…

Gaia Natural Baby  – Hair & Body Wash is perfect for everyday bathtimes and convenient for hand and face washing throughout the day

Eco Store Baby Body Wash is great for a calming and relaxing bathtime

Organic Care Kids Bubble Bath is great for a fun, bubble filled playful bath

These products are all easily available, and can be found at Coles, Chemist Warehouse, Priceline, Baby Bunting and other pharmacies and health stores.

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