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Vegan Hiking Boots Update

Vegan Hiking Boots Update

I have now been wearing my Hi-Tec Women’s Lima Hiking boots for a couple of months;  I wear them every time I walk the dog… so daily and a couple of times a week this involves a decent hike through forest, or rougher terrain.

So far they have been absolutely perfect. They are ridiculously comfortable and lightweight. The cushioning inside is soft and warm, so perfect for those cold mornings! With their thick soles, I can manoeuvre over any terrain and not feel discomfort.

I did find that the laces are rather long, but have ended up wrapping them around my ankle once, and then tieing up, which makes them a lot more manageable! I like the lacing system though, as it allows for a really snug and secure fit, so no annoying pieces of gravel, etc, end up in your boot.

And after many hikes through mud, puddles, and across streams I can verify that they are indeed waterproof!

I’m looking forward to seeing how these boots continue to work as we head into summer here in Australia, I think they may begin to feel a bit hot, but guess i’ll find out! So far, though, they have proved to be an exceptionally good buy, and I would definitely recommend these to anyone looking for a ‘Vegan’ hiking boot. (No animal materials, but possibility of use of animal glue, couldn’t get a definite answer from Hi-Tec)

Would love to hear your thoughts!

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