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Ethical Hosting

Considering this blog is all about living an ethical lifestyle, I decided to start it off in the most ethical way… Green Hosting. A quick Google search demonstrates that there are a fair number of hosts to choose from, as well as a number of dedicated websites to help you choose who to sign up with.

Firstly… Why should you choose a green website hosting provider?

In Australia, 73% of our electricity is derived from coal.  ( ) , resulting in large quantities of carbon and greenhouse gases being emitted into the atmosphere; contributing towards global warming and climate change. By choosing a Green Host you will help reduce your carbon footprint, helping to preserve and protect our environment.

Just by doing something as simple as choosing to give our business to a green hosting company, we are raising awareness and showing our support. If it is simple and if you are given the choice… why wouldn’t you take the more socially responsible option?

What makes the hosting companies ‘Green’ or ‘Ethical’?

Some of the methods eco-friendly web-hosting providers use:

  • The use of natural power sources (sustainable green energy from sources like wind, solar, and water.)
  • The purchase of carbon credits to cover the costs of their emissions (these are then invested in companies that work to reduce pollution and improve the environment).
  • Feeding electricity back into the grid
  • Reducing their carbon emissions
  • Carbon Offsetting (The use of renewable energy sources which provide the power required to run any hardware and equipment needed to provide a hosting service. May also include the planting of trees, and usage of energy-saving appliances, hardware, lighting etc.).
  • Recycling (correct recycling of waste within their offices, and use of electronic bills)
  •  Telecommuting (workers operating from their homes; resulting in fewer vehicles on the road)

Okay… so how to chose the best host? 

Well, for starters, keep your business local: support your own country and support local jobs. Therefore, I decided to limit myself to an Australian-owned and operated company. If you have the choice, it makes sense to choose a host that operates in your own country.

Secondly, think about your individual requirements and how much service and assistance you require. I needed to be able to move this WordPress blog over to self-hosted, so I needed a provider that offered WordPress support.

By this point you’ve probably narrowed your search down to a handful of options. Go and look through their webstes, consider how easy they are to navigate through, check plan prices, Google the providers name and read reviews.

So, who did I choose? 

Digital Pacific. They describe themselves as a 100% eco-friendly business, are Australian, offer WordPress support, their prices are competitive, they offer domain name registration, their website is professional and they review well.

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